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Huge Range of Hair & Beauty Services

Jedine Beauty Lounge in Manchester has a huge range of services available for you to choose from: brazilian blow dries, gel twists, hair relaxers - you name it, we have it. With over 10 years working with Afro hair, our salon is sure to have you feeling and looking amazing by the end of the session. Give us a call or walk in and we will be happy to talk you through our treatments.

Specialised Service

All our products are curated specifically for Afro hair, and are all recognised brands in the industry. If your skin is allergic or irritated by a particular type, don't worry - we have such a variety that there is guaranteed to be a suitable one for you. We also update our stock every month, so check in often to see what's new!

Top-Notch Professionals

At Jedine Beauty Lounge, our team of hairdressers are top notch professionals who have the tenacity and drive to give you the hair you deserve. Whether that's a new style, hair treatment, or hair cut - our team will have seen it before and know the best way to tackle it. Having said that, we always give our recommendations before continuing - the final say is always up to you!


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